Today is a big day in PA as residents head to the polls to participate in the primary elections. The primaries will help determine who will become the Democrat and Republican nominees. While Clinton is leading the democrats and Trump is leading the republicans, there are few reasons this primary is a bit more important than others, especially for Republicans. As Trump is leading both other candidates, he still does not have enough pledged delegates to avoid a contested convention. A “delegate” is someone who is sent to the Republican convention in July to vote on behalf of a nominee. If the first round of voting doesn't have enough votes to declare a winner, then they do a 2nd round of voting and then delegates are allowed to change their vote from who they were pledged to. This is the strategy that Cruz, Kasich, and the GOP are hoping to use to stop Donald Trump who has already co-opted the party by rallying independents and new-voters to the Republican party.

Polls are open from 7am-8pm