It’s a pretty exciting day in Downingtown. The much anticipated Farmhouse Coffee and Espresso bar had their “soft launch”. They announced they would be open during limited hours for three days. Sure enough, Facebook was buzzing…

Of course, we had to stop by! The coffee shop has been over a year in the making- building anticipation among residents who live in the borough- longing for a daytime “hangout” to meet-up, work, and drink coffee. It’s definitely a welcomed addition to the borough.

First impressions? First, its clear why it took so long to launch. The inside and exterior of the building has been completely renovated. There’s little left of the previous tenant (a store called Electronics Gallery) other than the foot print. This has been a massive undertaking- and at first glance, it doesn’t look like the owners spared any expense or cut any corners.

It looks like the shop is brewing Square 1 coffee- a regional company that has won international awards for its taste and quality. Local coffee snobs will be happy!

However, we do give some leeway in service considering they did open as a soft launch. Being a brand new business- there is inherently going to be hurdles they will face that older, more established businesses do not. Particularly, experience.  The shop is not a corporate owned chain- and most residents of Downingtown are grateful.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction the shop goes in the future. The concept is still experimental. The building probably has more square footage than any other coffee shop in the county. It looks like they still need to fill out their baked goods menu- maybe there are other local businesses they can contract with to keep the selection full and dynamic.

They did build a private conference room that’s wired with a monitor and can be closed off from the rest of the seating area. However, noise will be an issue because even when partially full, the ambient echos and noise are quite distracting.

Overall, we’re excited to see what’s down the road for Farmhouse and are thrilled to welcome them to the neighborhood!