The new digital billboard along route 30 bypass is raising concern among Downingtown residents. State Sen. Andrew Dinniman met with Downingtown borough council on Wednesday to discuss possible solutions to accommodating the borough's latest digital resident.

The main issue hinges on the fact that the company who owns the sign stated that other than the Norwood house apartments, residents nearby would not be affected. Complaints are coming to Dinniman's office that says otherwise. The suggestion of providing trees for these residents was met with mixed reactions and turning off the sign for more hours at night would deeply cut into the companies revenue.

Downingtown Billboard Rt 30 Kick Abuse

Since Catalyst Outdoor went through all the proper avenues to put up the billboard, it was stated that they have a legal right to be there. Dinniman is currently drafting legislation to give local government more authority over installations like digital billboards to update current regulations to keep up with technology.

“Local leaders deserve to have a seat at the table when PennDOT is considering approving such an application,” Dinniman said.

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