Comedian Nick Kupsey just released his latest book “The Five People You Meet in Wawa”. And if you've been living in the Philadelphia area for longer than 5 minutes- his stories are easy to relate to.

He says it is based on his experience as a mail carrier when he would stop at certain Wawa on a regular basis. He gives stories of the types of people he meets and various interactions he's had over the years.

“Wawa’s kind of like a trip through hell,” said Kupsey, 39, about the titling of his book. “And it’s not that the store itself is bad. I felt like it was Dante’s Inferno when you’re taking this trip … and it’s kind of like a mix between hell and purgatory. It’s the opposite of who you would meet in heaven. Who would you meet at Wawa and why would you meet them?”

“The Five People You Meet at Wawa” is now available on Kindle at