The Coatesville police will be doing a “virtual ride-along” tonight from 6pm-midnight (April 8th). They're looking to increase awareness and community involvement by reaching out to the community via social media

The officers will be “live tweeting” all activities and incidents throughout the night, minus any sensitive data, in order to give residents an idea of what a typical Friday night looks like for the Coatesville Police department.

The virtual ride-along with police Sgt. Steven Smith and Sgt. Rodger Ollis will begin with the police roll call. They will post updates about their shift preparations, such as inspections of equipment and police vehicles.

They will then go on patrol and give a play-by-play of the night’s activities

In a statement the department said:

“We hope to gain greater social media following and to build partnerships with the community,” Coatesville police said. “The virtual ride-along will give the public valuable insight of what our officers experience during a shift in the City of Coatesville.”

The police will use the hashtag #cpdridealong

The Twitter account is @CoatesvillePD.

The police Facebook account is “City of Coatesville Police Department.”



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